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We are building bridges in SEO, CRM & Marketing technology with a highly skilled

team in order to connect your company with your customers

Social Media Management

We can take care of your marketing & presence on all social networks

Search Engine Optimization

Where is your company ranked when customer search for your products/services?

CRM & Email Marketing

Do you have a CRM and do you communicate with customers regularly?

Media & Content Creation

Our team includes highly skilled Videographers, Graphic Designers & Writers

Reach your customers digitally

Our team here at marketing.gy has 20+ years of combined experience in all areas of marketing –
from CRMs to Content to Social Media.
Let us help you to connect with your company’s growth

We help your reach your customers

The entire world today is digital – digital marketing reaches more people across demographics compared to all other marketing channels. Our  services provide research, analysis and recommendations for all types of products & services, especially for those having difficulty with their online presence & visibility. marketing.gy successfully meets the needs of companies with complex web presences in competitive industries.
Some of the most common services we provide are:

Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimization

CRM & Email Marketing

Media & Content Creation

#1 Google Ranked Sites
Average Increase in Organic Traffic
Average Website Performance Rating
Average Increase in Visit Duration

WHY Choose US

marketing.gy is aimed at serving businesses that are actively investing in marketing and are looking for measurable long-term results.
We’ve built our company around this niche

Skilled Team

Our team is made up of all specialists who are the best at what they do; our team includes User Experience designers, Marketing Specialists, CRM Specialists and Website Developers

Right Experience

We have a combined 100+ years experience in Digital Marketing across our services and we've worked with companies from a wide range of industries from Technology to Agriculture!


We have a team that are up-to-date on the various trends and digital social platforms; we also have a deep understanding of and adopt the best technologies around Digital Marketing


Contact us today to kickstart your digital marketing or take your existing marketing to the next level! Let us help you reach your customers.


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We’re working hard to be good.
Joshua Kissoon

Joshua Kissoon

Aaliyah Kendall

Aaliyah Kendall

Digital Marketing Specialist
Ridwan Azeez

Ridwan Azeez

Graphics & UX Engineer


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