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The Client

AmCham Guyana is a voluntary, non-profit, membership organization committed to promoting, and enhancing commercial relations between the United States and Guyana.

The chamber’s focus includes: representing the collective opinions of the members, providing a network and support structure for U.S. enterprises doing business in Guyana, and creating new opportunities to help build mutually beneficial business relations between Guyanese and American companies.

The challenge

When AmCham Guyana first started its operations in 2018, the size of the secretariat was quite small with just a handful of staff members. In this period of inception, their social media presence was very minimal with a website plan that was not yet finalized. This proved to be a challenge for AmCham and its staff to keep in touch with their membership and to keep them in the loop with regular updates.

The solution

With AmCham experiencing a considerable gap with their limited personnel and the task of creating as well as communicating relevant content and information to members, steps in to assist AmCham with all its digital marketing and communication operations. Here, identified building a solid web presence for AmCham as its number one priority. What resulted was a top-notch website that displays an interesting mix of enticing visuals and regularly updated content for all of AmCham’s members and potential members as well.

The website was designed to be responsive, meaning that all the contents on the website would automatically resize to perfectly fit the display screen of all digital devices including PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile phones. With this approach in web design, we can make sure that all the visitors to the website have the best possible web experience, immaterial of what device they may be used to access the site.

Besides the website, we also got AmCham’s social media presence up and running with planned and scheduled content update ation on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The result

With taking over the content and communication strategies, the staff and management of AmCham Guyana were able to free up a lot of time that they could use to carry out their primary tasks and responsibilities.

Now that Techlify’s drives the digital content and strategies, the management and staff at AmCham Guyana just need to review, choose and approve from multiple content and communication options proposed by the team at

Growth insights from AmCham Guyana’s Facebook page
Engagement insights from AmCham Guyana’s Instagram page

With their partnership with, AmCham Guyana currently has a Facebook following of around 3700, close to 700 Instagram followers with around 200 LinkedIn followers and climbing.

The constant review and improvement on the website along with continuous SEO activity have given AmCham Guyana a very healthy increase in web traffic and activity.

“The Techlify team is a very qualified and technical team, full of great ideas. What I love about them is that they are always on the go, always on the ball, very responsive as they keep you constantly updated on things. With this, I can only see this partnership between AmCham Guyana and Techlify growing, especially with the number of new business avenues opening up in Guyana.”         

Zulfikar Ally, President, American Chamber Guyana

Click on the link below to see the full video of Mr. Zulfikar Ally, President, American Chamber Guyana expressing his thoughts and satisfaction in working with, Techlify’s digital marketing wing.

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