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How to check the effectiveness of your content.

In the massive world of online marketing, creating great content is king. In the end, the goal is always to bring people to your site, keep them there with engaging content, and then ultimately turn them into clients. If any of the above is not executed properly, then you will certainly find it hard to get your brand off the ground. In saying all this, how do you actually know if all your content is heading in the right direction? Below, 

#1 Set up tracking on your page

The most effective way to track your content is through goal tracking, allowing you to actually see how many visitors to your page are actually converting. These measures could include anything from purchasing a product to downloading an ebook. The goal of this kind of tracking is going to analytically define how a person is directly interacting with your content based on your specific goals. This is extremely effective as it gives you detailed information about the exact person visiting your page, allowing you the ability to adjust specific content to tailor to the needs of those specific visitors. Goal tracking is only suitable for pages with specific goals intended for the visitor, so making sure your content has a definitive objective, and finding an alternative way to measure its effectiveness is key.

#2 Measure Brand Awareness

When it comes to being successful, the way people recognize, hear and interact with your brand is extremely influential. Social media is certainly running the world we live in, so it is integral to be able to pull data from these social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, giving you greater insight into why people are talking about your brand. This will allow you to gain a better insight into how effective your current marketing strategy is and whether or night you are aiming this in the right direction. If you have set a specific topic and spent time-sharing and publishing content eg: health and wellness, measuring the specifics of this will allow you to track certain words relating to this eg: diet, health and wellness etc, with tools like Google Analytics, Adwords, Brand lift,

#3 Use Third Party Tools

Don’t be afraid of using these third party tools, it may seem daunting as a business owner and there certainly are a lot of unsafe and ineffective options, but conducting the right research and choosing the right plugin, will ultimately allow you to uncover a lot of hidden content that some analytics cannot. We highly recommend using tools that measure detailed information about the experience a visitor has when on your page. For most of the options available, they only let you know the bare minimum eg: how much time was spent on the page or which specific links they clicked on. Plugins such as WordPress’ third party WP Scroll Depth plugin allow you to see how far down the page your visitor reads – giving you insight into exactly where your visitor gets bored with your content and leaves. This gives you the ability to use this to create more engaging and effective content, showing exactly where you need to fine-tune to reach maximum interaction with your visitor. If you do your research around third party plugins, you will be able to identify holes in your current software, and uncovering where you are losing or retaining your visitors, with tools like Google Analytics, Adwords, Brand lift, SEO – Ahrefs, SEMrush.

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