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What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses emails for brand promotions, brand recognition, driving sales, and building customers relationships.

Modern email marketing services focuses on personalized and segmented marketing to contacts – targeting specific groups and sub-groups of contacts based on attributes such as geography, interest, gender, type of business, job title, etc

Why is Email Marketing Popular?

You may wonder that why are we supporting email marketing services while there are several social media platforms available, and there is a good chance of an increase in social media followers that expands over time.

Users check their emails for promotions & deals from the brands they are interested in
Email subscribers want to receive promotional emails weekly
Customers buy from the brands that are regularly in touch with them via email

When Should I Use Email Marketing? To...


Generate Brand Loyalty

Targeted email campaigns helps you generate trust and build customer loyalty for your brand. Strong customer relationship requires regular communications from brands that drive sales and treat their customers appropriately by segmentation.


Better reach and engagement

Email marketing is proven to expand your business reach and engagement compared to traditional marketing. 4.2 Billion people worldwide use email communication, with 72% of people preferring email over other forms of communication. 


Deliver your message to different audiences

With contact segregation, you’re able to use email marketing to reach your target audience with personalized marketing messages and unique discounts and codes to a specific sections of your audience.


Cost-effective and time-saving

Targeted email marketing can help you save a lot of time and effort with personalization and market segmentation in a matter of minutes. Email is one of the cheapest form of marketing, free in many cases, and can be broadcasted to thousands within seconds.

Why For Your Email Marketing?


Comprehensive Suite of Email Services

The email marketing services provided by us are full-service email marketing campaigns. Whether an email blast or a combination of email marketing solutions, we got you covered.


Experienced Email Marketing Experts’s email marketing experts boast years of experience on multiple email marketing platforms. We continuously research new emerging platforms to select the best for our clients that can bring them cost-effective results promptly.


Email Marketing Reports

Depending upon your marketing goals, we create email reports and integrate Google Analytics to understand and provide deeper insights about your subscribers’ interaction with your website.


Marketing Strategies

Apart from your email marketing, our team ensures that all of our marketing is based on marketing strategies that align with your goals for your marketing. This strategy also ensures that your email marketing directly aligns with your other forms of marketig

What our clients say

“I’m very comfortable with the engagement we’ve had, when you say you’ll do something, you’ll do it; you’re very organized. There’s a level of confidence and comfort that makes working with you guys a pleasure”

– Adrian Singh, Manager, Ansa Motors

About Us was established on the belief that digital marketing is a dynamic tool that can transform the business sector in Guyana, and the world at large. Noticing the shift to virtual platforms and changes in consumer behaviour our team of experts are on a mission to educate and collaborate with local businesses who need guidance with digital marketing to meet the ever growing online audience.

Our team comprises of experienced digital marketers, seo experts, content writers, and many more experts that will collaborate and give advice on the various aspects of digital marketing.

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